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What does 60 mechanical keyboard mean

What does 60 mechanical keyboard mean - dustsilver

60 percent keyboard means the keyboard layout is smaller than 75%, TKL, and full size. Because 60 keyboard number keys are fewer than common layout keys some keys will don’t have: number pad, F keys, navigation key cluster, and arrow keys.

That will somebody say,  60 mechanical keyboard lose most of the keys why do I need to buy them, it’s just an unuseful keyboard layout. If you think that, it’s a wrong perception.

The only factor to buy 60 percent keyboard is small.

You may still feel confused, small will be a great advantage? Of course yes!

Small size keyboard means you can arrange it in a comfortable position on your desk more easily, alleviating some wrist and forearm pain. It's also easier to fit onto a crowded desk, leaving more space for your mouse and other accessories.

What’s the biggest reason you should buy 60 percent keyboard?

I think is portable. I can surely say that you can’t take a full size keyboard everywhere, it is too heavy for most people. But 60 keyboard is lighter than most keyboards ( Unless 40 percent keyboard ), you can take it when you travel. When you have a journey and need to work with the keyboard, you will feel how important the 60 percent keyboard is. 

What’s the sacrifice of 60 keyboard?

You will not see the number pad, F keys, navigation key cluster, and arrow keys in the 60 keyboard, it is very hard for someone who use the 60 percent keyboard first time. It needs time to learn how to use 60 keyboard.

Thanks to most keyboard manufacturers reserving the “Fn” keys, you can still use “Fn+1”... to play the F1, F2, etc roles. 

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