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Why you should need 75% Layout keyboard

Why you should need 75% Layout keyboard - dustsilver

75 percent mechanical keyboards are a popular emerging category, offering nearly as many keys as a tenkeyless (no numpad) keyboard in a much more compact footprint. They don’t have the 10-key numberpad, but do have all the other parts of a 100% keyboard, such as dedicated arrow keys, function row, and “home cluster” keys.And while this is ALSO a 80% TKL keyboard, the 75% version has all the keys smushed together, with no space in between!

If you prefer a smaller keyboard, for ergonomics, portability or just aesthetics, but you can't live without the arrow keys and Function row that's necessarily excised on even the best 60 percent and 65 percent size keyboards, then 75 percent could be just right.

Now I will recommend you some DustSilver 84 buttons 75% Mechanical keyboards, you can choose which one you like. All can be used in 2 system: MACOS and Windows. You can choose 3 connected ways: wired USB-C, Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless.

First mechanical keyboard is Blue pink milkshake mechanical keyboard. This keyboard main color is blue and pink. I think milkshake keyboard is very cute for girl and women.

Second mechanical keyboard is named Cyberpunk series mechanical keyboard. There are two 75 layout Cyberpunk series 84keys mechanical keyboard. It’s good for players full of science fiction style.

Another mechanical keyboard is ROBOT TAISEN. The main color is blue and white. It will give you a comfortable feeling when you work with this ROBOT TAISEN keyboard.

And the other one, is RED&WHITE mechanical keyboard. You will feel classic art when you see it in the first time. Not only the mechanical keyboard but also a work of art.

If you want to have a hot swappable mechanical keyboard that has good quality and very complete features, then DustSilver series mechanical keyboard is the best choice right now.

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