Red&white Classical Retro Hot Swapping RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

DustSilver Red&white Classical Retro Hot Swapping RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is 75 percent size mechanical keyboard from DustSilver with a design color on the body that is dominated by red and white. Red&white Classical Hotswap RGB Wireless Mechanical keyboard for typing that feels great to use and looks super clean on your desk - especially in this new compact form factor. Most people choose Red&white Classical for typing and programming. 

DustSilver Red&white Classical Retro mechanical keyboard has a very good build quality with the entire body made of plastic. This makes the DustSilver Red&white Classical Retro keyboard very sturdy and solid body.

Red&white mechanical keyboard has a little retro art, it’s very popular with Europeans, and many people buy it. We use high-quality PBT keycaps, that make the keycaps not fade. When you type in this keyboard you will feel the best feeling of the keyboard switch. After a long time typing, you will not feel tired, and also good for playing games, the best reaction speed gives you the best playing experience. 

Red&white keyboard supports the 3 connected ways. Not only you in home or outside you will find the best way for your using.

The special RGB lighting gives you the best sensory experience, when the environment is dark or night, press down “FN+Q”, and “FN+A”, Red&white mechanical keyboard will let you feel shocked.

We give customer programmable keys service you can customize your special keys function. 

If you feel good of Red&white keyboard please do not hesitate, only a normal price you can take your keyboard home!

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