75% Keyboard

Robot Taisen Cool Colored Hotswap RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Robot Taisen Cool Colored Hotswap RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - dustsilver

DustSilver Robot Taisen Cool Mechanical Keyboard is 75 percent size mechanical keyboard. Different from full-size keyboard, the keyboard basic functionality is retained, and save your desk space. 

Robot Taisen's main color is blue and white, is an office and play style keyboard. With red or brown switch, will give you more typing experience. We use the best switch, that when you type for a long time, you will never fell tired. After a short break time, you also can continue playing games with this keyboard. 

Due to the PBT material keycaps, has excellent durability. It’s more durable than regular ABS keycaps. And will not fade like membrane keyboards for using a long time. 

Robot Taisen Support 3 connected ways, Bluetooth, wired, and wireless. Not only at home, when outside you also can work as normal. And with support Mac os and windows system, all computers are available. 

With RGB lighting, you can choose one style of lighting for your need, you will never feel down with this Robot Taisen keyboard. If you appreciate this keyboard, please do now! You also can get a discount from our online salesman, don’t hesitate.

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