Cyberpunk Cool Purple Hotswap Backlit Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

DustSilver Cyberpunk Cool Purple Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard is a 75 percent size mechanical keyboard produced by the DustSilver brand. This keyboard carries a body design with purple and blue colors. It has an excellent user experience for e-sports players. 

Cyberpunk keyboard color is purple and blue, the purple makes the keyboard full of technology sense. It will give you full of e-sports and technology energy. Not only the keyboard, it is also a decoration in your room. Make you more power to work, and more playing enthusiasm. 

Compare to the full size keyboard, Cyberpunk use the 75% layout to make the keyboard compact, and save desk space for you. You can also put a ipad near the keyboard, making your play or work experience better. 

We support you 3 connected ways, bluetooth, wireless and wired, make your play and work not delay. 

The special RGB lighting gives you the best sensory experience, when the environment is dark or night, press down “FN+Q”, and “FN+A”, Cyberpunk mechanical keyboard will let you feel shocked. I will make sure when you display the keyboard for your friend they also will love it.

DustSilver Cyberpunk Cool Purple Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard is equipped with various interesting features such as programmable keys, volume control keys also has software, you can use to reprogram keys or customize keyboard profiles.

If you like Cyberpunk game and Cyberpunk style, take keyboard home, I am sure you will really like it.

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