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Blue Pink Milkshake 75 Percent Kawaii Wireless Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Blue Pink Milkshake 75 Percent Kawaii Wireless Backlit Mechanical Keyboard - dustsilver

DustSilver Kawaii Blue Pink Milkshake is 75 percent size mechanical keyboard from DustSilver with a design color on the body that is dominated by blue, pink and white. At first glance, this is very attention-grabbing with the combination of pink color with some white keycaps.

Kawaii Blue pink milkshake keyboard is good for girls, it looks very clear, cute, and beautiful. The keyboard looks good and the user mood will be better, not only The milkshake keyboard uses the PBT keycaps, making the hand feel better than other membrane keyboards.

Not only the usual function, Milkshake keyboard support three connected ways: wired, bluetooth and wireless. In home, you can use all connected ways; when you go outside, you can use bluetooth and wireless connected ways to support your work and play. 

Milkshake keyboard supports the RGB lighting function, making your keyboard playability better. Press down “FN+Q”, and “FN+A” to get your keyboard more lighting. 

Milkshake keyboard is a hot-selling keyboard and is popular among women. Before we sold this keyboard, we collected the needs of female customers and hope to concentrate the power of women on the keyboard.

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