what are the quietest mechanical keyboard switches

what are the quietest mechanical keyboard switches - dustsilver

At first, most people are attracted to mechanical keyboards of there clicky and loud sound. The loud switch is really can make you satisfy when you play games or type alone. But they can’t help you work around people.


So it is necessary to buy a quiet switch set or new keyboard with quiet switch. Among all the switches, generally the red switch is the quietest switches.

1.Gateron Silent Red switch

Gateron switch is a good quality cheap linear switch only 45g, and very friendly to your wallet. With its feature, Gateron switch always are chosen by most mechanical keyboard brand. 


Long click life of 50 million

Short trigger travel

Very light key

Wide variety of designs

Thanks to its linear structure, the switches are comfortable to touch, giving a smooth and seamless feeling when you typing and gaming.

2.Cherrymx Red Switch

As a famous keyboard switch brand, they self-produce the switch, and most people identify with them.

Cherrymx Red Switch information as follows:

Linear switching characteristics

45 cN operating force

2.0 mm pre travel

4.0 mm total travel

No click Play sound  

It’s wise to choose the quietest switch from Gateron and Cherrymx. So if you need to buy quiet switch, don’t hesitate to buy.

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