Are mechanical keyboards good for office work

Of course yes, mechanical keyboards are good for office work. But before considering buying a mechanical keyboard, you should know as follows:

Why you need a mechanical keyboard?

Are you a man who types at a desk all day, if yes. I can’t agree more to recommend mechanical keyboard for you. They are better than membrane keyboards. With mechanical switches, you will get soft feedback when you press the keys. If you typing a long time, you will not get tired. 

How is your work environment?
If you are alone to work, you can choose any switches you want, as long as you like.

If the environment quiet? For office work, the best option is to go with Gateron red switches, because it will not let your colleagues complain about the typing noise,  and you won’t be viewed as the annoying co-worker.

What are the Pros of the mechanical keyboard?

They’re more responsive and last longer, and you can also choose the type of switches you want, so they adapt to your style or needs. But for shared spaces such as offices, we recommend Gateron red switch or Gateron brown switch.

If you are ready to buy a mechanical keyboard for your work, just go there to choose the mechanical keyboard.


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