New arrivals- K84 series mechanical keyboard

New arrivals- K84 series mechanical keyboard - dustsilver

K84 mechanical keyboard is the new series mechanical keyboard in 75% layout. Before you buy it, you should know what is K84 series keyboards.

In last 5 months, we are so glad that our D84 series keyboards are popular with everyone. To match all people's needs, we publish the new series K84 keyboard. We hope each one can buy their favorite keyboard in their budget.

There are 3 keyboards of K84. Purple Pink Lilac, Grey White&Blue, and Robot Taisen (Wired). Although they are cheaper than D84, but we still use the good quality PBT keycaps, which completely overcomes the shortcoming of ABS keycaps which are known to wear down quickly and develop an unwanted shine over time. Not only that, we still use colored design, not the single color design, we think K84 series keyboard is the only one that you can buy colored keyboards under $99. About basic function, our K84 keyboards are Full keys hot-swappable, that you can DIY your keyboard, and convenient for if you need to change the keycaps. And they have many types of RGB backlights only for your better user experience. K84 series keyboards provide programming console, and you can switch to Mac os or Windows system to improve your productivity.

The only shorts of K84 series keyboard is only supporting wired connection. You can't use it with Bluetooth and Wireless, but if you need 3 mode connections, I recommend you buy D84 series keyboards.


Why you should buy K84 series keyboard:

1.Excellent Function no more than $99
2.Colored and excellent design
3.75% layout keyboard save your desk space.
4.All hot-swappable function

5.Dazzling backlight with dynamic effects and sidelight.

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