Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Programming

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Programming - dustsilver
Some people say, the membrane and mechanical keyboard both are good for programming no difference between them. But after I programmed with mechanical keyboard, I do not agree with that.
As for me, the mechanical keyboard are giving me a good experience when I program. There is good typing feedback, typing speed quickly, and accuracy.

Here are the factors below that make a mechanical keyboard programmer-friendly and give you an added advantage.

1.Mechanical keyboard is durable
The mechanical keyboard switches are not impacted each other, you can DIY your favorite keys, but the membrane keyboard can’t do that. And most mechanical keyboards the keycap material is PBT not ABS, so they will not be faded.

When the beginning you will not get hated the membrane keyboard, but when you use time longer, it will fade and oil stains, it makes me very uncomfortable when I type lots of words each day.

2.The mechanical keyboards' feedback well

I choose the Linear switch it is very quiet when I type it. And I will not get tired from using a long time.

3.Faster Typing With Improved Click Accuracy

During programming, we need to code faster, and mechanical keyboard keys make this easier. With mechanical keyboard keys, you would be able to write your code faster and with greater accuracy. The mechanical keyboard polling rate is 1000hz, almost no delay.

4.Mechanical keyboard helps me program in the dark

Usually, I need to program the whole day, so it is inevitable to program at the night for me. So the backlight function very helps me.

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