How To Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter

As everybody knows, mechanical keyboard is louder than membrane keyboard, Especially with the Clicky switch. Now, we will give you some advice to make your mechanical keyboard quieter.

1.Press lightly when you press the keys

It is an ordinary way to solve the problem if you don’t want to change everything. But it will maybe make you uncomfortable when you type.

2.Replace your switch or choose the quiet switch

Generally, the Clicky switch is louder than Tactile and Linear switches. So why not replace your loud switch? It is an effective way to make your environment quiet.

3.Use a desk mat

Using a desk mat under your mechanical keyboard is the easiest way for everyone to reduce the sound of your keyboard.
Each time you type on your keyboard it vibrates your desk which amplifies the noise. Using a desk mat under your keyboard dampens the vibrations and silences everything!

Here are some desk mat recommendations

4.Choose Or Add Foam Pad Inside the keyboard
If the keyboard inside has a foam pad, it will make the keys sound lower than before.

Adding foam inside your keyboard is a great way to reduce the vibration of your keyboard which in turn lowers the overall volume.


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