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Should I get a mechanical keyboard for my laptop

Should I get a mechanical keyboard for my laptop - dustsilver

Laptops nowadays are often nearly as powerful as full desktop computers, people use laptop to write and game, and laptop is an important part of our life. So should we get a mechanical keyboard for our laptop? Even though the laptop has the membrane keyboard.

I would say “yes” that we should get a mechanical keyboard for laptop. Because we need write the article on laptop, and we also will play games on the laptop. But we all know the laptop keyboard is membrane, it can’t support our high-intensity use, and the laptop keyboard is too small, we always feel uncomfortable and not convenient. We will get finger tired if we typing a long time on laptop. And after using it for a long time, some keys on the notebook keyboard are not working. It is difficult to fix them, we need to take the whole laptop to repair.

So I get a mechanical keyboard for my laptop. As for me, I use the keyboard whole day. I choose a 75% layout keyboard because it doesn’t too big to save space. I choose the blue switch, I enjoy the clicky sound to make me happy when pressing the keyboard, and I get a better experience from using mechanical keyboard. And I only need light pressure then the keys will output, but when I press the Laptop keyboard. It needs higher pressure to press the keys. After a day of work with mechanical keyboard, I do feel not tired with my finger. It is a big experience difference between typing in notebooks and mechanical keyboard.

Buying a mechanical keyboard for laptop is worth doing. It really improves my work efficiency. I can type more words, and after work, I play games it experience is better than playing on the laptop membrane keyboard. Sometimes I take my mechanical keyboard to travel, it is more convenient than taking a whole laptop.

Don't hestiate, it’s time to get a mechanical keyboard to improve your life.

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