Why do people like mechanical keyboards

Why do people like mechanical keyboards - dustsilver

There are a lot of people wondering to know why more and more people like mechanical keyboards. Of this question, we have to discuss why membrane keyboards are worse than mechanical keyboards. 

For most people, the most difference between them is mechanical keyboards feel better, not only in gaming and typing. You will feel amazing when you use mechanical keyboard since use membrane keyboard for a long time. It’s hard to say what’s the difference, but you just need 5 - 10 minutes then you will know. When using the mechanical keyboard you will get clear feedback, but it will don’t have in membrane keyboard. You just need to press lightly and the key will output. It means your fingers will not feel so tired from typing for a long time. So it is important to use mechanical keyboard if you are a writer or you need a long time to type.

For typing, another reason why people like mechanical keyboards is mechanical keyboards can improve our typing speed and accuracy. It is because they have an advantage: N-key rollover it means when you press multiple keys, they will not conflict, so it will improve our using efficiency and accuracy.

And the basic excellent advantage of mechanical keyboard is more durable, quality better, and more reliable. Of these factors, you can use your mechanical keyboard for more than 5 years if there is no damage.

For gamers, also like using mechanical keyboards, they choose Gateron Black, Brown, and Blue switch most, these switches have excellent feedback. Because of the mechanical keyboard switch less delay, and the key pressing sound is better, which is loved by players.

So don’t waste your time on membrane keyboard, use mechanical keyboard to get better experience with your work and game.

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