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Are cheap mechanical keyboards worth it

Are cheap mechanical keyboards worth it - dustsilver

In the market, the cheap mechanical keyboard is under $100. But they might lack some high-end functions. But for beginners, the cheap mechanical keyboard is better than membrane keyboard. They use a sturdily built shell and good quality switch. For long-time use, it is better than using a membrane keyboard or a normal keyboard. 

Cons Of Cheap Mechanical Keyboard 


Cheap mechanical keyboards maintain the basic features, but they will lack others. They may will don’t have multiple connect modes, only have wired connections. If you need to go out, then you can't buy cheap mechanical keyboard. You need to buy over $100 mechanical keyboard which has multiple connection methods. 


They might don’t have RGB backlit, RGB backlit is the biggest difference between membrane keyboard and mechanical keyboard. That’s a factor why gamers like mechanical keyboard. With RGB backlit you can use the keyboard in the dark environment. But some Cheap mechanical keyboard might don’t have RGB, they may non-backlit or use white- backlit. 


The cheap mechanical keyboard might don’t use PBT material keycaps, they usually use the ABS keycaps. ABS keycaps will fade after using a long time. But PBT will not fade, and when you touch the keys, it is very comfortable.


Pros Of Cheap Mechanical Keyboard


Tactile feedback and auditory feedback when you press the mechanical keyboard switch. It’s not easy to say what the feedback is. But when you get one, you will feel easy and more comfortable than normal keyboard. Just like if you work on a computer 8 hours every day, you will buy an expensive ergonomics chair. Then if you are a writer or need to use a keyboard for a long time every day you should buy a mechanical keyboard.


More durable and easy to repair. Mechanical keyboards have an individual switch beneath each key, which makes the mechanical keyboard more durable than normal keyboard. And you can change the keyboard switch yourself as long as the mechanical keyboard supports hot-swappable.


So if you are hesitant about choosing normal keyboard or mechanical keyboard. Please do not hesitate to buy the cheap mechanical keyboard, while it may don’t have high-end functions. But it can fit most people and give a better experience than normal keyboard.

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