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Why do people like mechanical keyboards

Why do people like mechanical keyboards - dustsilver

Nowadays, nobody can without a keyboard for work. Before paying for the keyboard, most people will choose from mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard. In this blog, we will discuss why people like mechanical keyboards.

We have to know what’s the disadvantage of membrane keyboards.

  1. Membrane keyboard can’t use for a long time

The membrane keyboard uses 3 different layers in its design, which are flexible. The first layer is called the top membrane layer, under the top, there is a conductive trace. When the key is pressed, it moves thru the second layer which is made up of holes, allowing the pressure pads that are located under each key to pass through and make contact with the conductive traces on top of the bottom membrane layer. Though having a lifespan of millions of key presses and lasts for years, the membrane keyboard can still wear out quicker than a mechanical keyboard, when they do wear out the membrane will start to feel more mushy which causes the keys to loose feedback.

  1. Typing feeling

 When typing in a membrane keyboard will not get tactile feedback as mechanical keyboard. Although it can be used for basic type requirements. But with time goes, the membrane keyboard maybe will appear typing malfunction.

  1. Why need to choose the mechanical keyboard

      (1)Quick typing

Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches. When you type one key will not affect other keys, which will make your typing efficiency better, and you can choose the needed operating force switch for yourself. If you choose the Gateron Red Switch you only need 30gf - 60gf. It makes you very easy to type, and you will never feel tired when typing.


 Most membrane keyboards are the same big layout, it is not easy to carry when you need to go out. But mechanical keyboards has various layout. For Portability, you can choose 40% or 60% layout mechanical keyboard.

      (3)Easy to design

Mechanical keyboard is made of keycaps, switch, PCB pad, and keyboard plate. It is easy to change the keycaps or switches. Everything you can do to make your mechanical keyboard perfect.


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