Dustsilver Milkshake 75 Percent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Model Version: D84
Switches: Gateron Black Switch

Designed for Mac and Windows/ Innovative 75% American ANSI Layout

Compatible with macOS and Windows. Quickly switch systems by keys combination.

84 keys smaller than 108 keys on mechanical keyboards. The new series improves design aesthetics while keeping the complete functionality of the keyboards.

3 modes of connection, fulfilling your multitasking needs.

With 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 seamlessly connecting with up to 3 devices, which can satisfy your multitasking needs at any time.

For gamers and editors who pursue input efficiency, the new 2.4G wireless provides lower latency and higher stability than Bluetooth. You can also use a USB-C cable to connect the keyboard to your device.


The Optimized molded switch with more precise positioning and less wobble will undoubtedly improve the feel at your fingertips. 
With the fully assembled D84 Keyboard fitted with factory pre-lubricated Gateron G Pro switches, a smoother travel experience is guaranteed for you.

The Hot-Swappable Function Allows You To Easily Swap Switches.

The hot-swappable sockets are mounted on the PCB, 
so you can install or change the switches without soldering. 
The PCB supports both 3 pin and 5 pin MX mechanical switches.

Dazzling Backlight with Dynamic Effects and Sidelight

We added three RGB light bars on each side and the top right corner of the keyboard. The top right corner light shows the caps lock and connection mode, and the battery level and system mode indicate via the backlight. When you activate the gradient light effect, the sidelights and backlight will illuminate your keyboard with an arresting glow.

The backlight has more than 21 different color effects, which can be easily changed using keys combination. Through Windows software, you can even limitlessly customize lighting effects or set your lights to change with the rhythm of the music.

Download DUSTSILVER Console to customize your lighting effects.


Dustsilver uses exclusive PBT Five-Sided dye-sublimation coloring technology, which completely overcomes the shortcoming of ABS keycaps which are known to wear down quickly and develop an unwanted shine over time.

THE SLIDE RAIL IS REPLACEABLE3 Angles of Adjustable Feet.

Ergonomic optimization prevents fatigue.

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