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Dustsilver Keyboard IG Reviews in 2023

Dustsilver Keyboard IG Reviews in 2023

K84 Purple Pink Lilac Wired Keyboard from @dustsilver_keyboard
This is one of the prettiest keyboards I have!! The more I stare at it, the more I appreciate how clean and simple it looks.

                                                                                            From marsarroyo Said

prettiest color combo of all time ✨ ft. D84 purple pink keyboard from @dustsilver_keyboard! ⌨️This 75% wireless keeb sounds amazingly creamy and thocky out of the box! It's also jam-packed with cool features, such as tri-mode connection, hot-swappable pcb, rgb sidelight bar, and replaceable slide rails! I also have their Blue Pink milkshake keeb since last yr and I still use it time to time. I must say their D84 keeb is really great for work and gaming 💜

                                                                                          From elyxirine Said


This is the D84 and it has an awesome retro design with a unique color scheme 👌 the key layout is one of our favorites and it feels great to type on with its PBT Keycaps. Of course we love the RGB on the bottom and top of the keyboard as well 🙌 

                                                                                           From lvlupduo Said

This kawaii bunny mechanical keyboard from @dustsilver_keyboard is absolutely the cutest!

                                                                                              From sky.xyla said

k84 by @dustsilver_keyboard
( •̀⩊•́ )
here’s my mod to dustsilver’s k84!!! honestly, i don’t think it needed modding since the stock sound is already really good! but i just did a quick tape mod and also cut the plate foam near the spacebar stabilizer so i can just take out the stabs whenever

                                                                                       From rainykeyboard Said

Gifted| I’m in love, and it’s with a keyboard ✨⁣
Behold @dustsilver_keyboard beautiful D84 Purple Pink keyboard. It’s one of the most aesthetic keyboards I have in my collection. I got gateron brown switches 😌⠀⁣⠀⁣
✅ Hot-swappable ⠀⁣⁣
✅ Tri-mode (type-c wired, wireless, bluetooth) ⠀⁣
✅Three RGB light bars on each side and the top right corner of the keyboard
✅The backlight has more than 21 different color effects
✅ 5 trial mechanical switches
✅ Ergonomic adjustable angles 

                                                                                    From techwithandrea Said

 ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ 💜💖D84 Purple Pink Lilac Mechanical Keyboard 💖💜 ♡ ⋆。˚

It’s probably one of the prettiest things I owe! Thank you @dustsilver_keyboard!
The colors and the feel of the keyboard is amazing🥰
The switches are customizable and I have the gateron red switches🌸

                                                                                              From jennyzbao Said


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