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Dustsilver Keyboard YouTube Reviews in 2023

Dustsilver Keyboard YouTube Reviews in 2023

Dustsilver K84 Purple Pink Lilac | Unboxing & Modding--By ricecloud

✿That keyboard goes so well with your desk pad. Fantastic


A keyboard that actually sounds good(with ZERO mods)--By Switch and Click

The overall case chassis design is so nice! love how cute it is haha especially the white for me, totally rocks!

Dustsilver D84 Keyboard Review - It shouldn't be this good!--By GadgetryTech

THANK YOU FOR THIS! Been looking to start my custom journey, and I prefer those cute colors. Not easy to find pastels in stock, so I really appreciate the thorough review of this board.


This is the BEST Budget Keyboard. (NO MODS)--By Hipyo Tech

The Dustsilver D84 was my first mechanical keyboard and I couldn't ask for a better first experience introduction to the hobby. After upgrading to boards like the Monsgeek M1 and QK80, the Dustsilver boards do leave much to be desired in some areas, but I still love them nonetheless. The D84 and K84 are definitely solid choices.

Unboxing DustSilver D66 Rainbow Sprinkles /Peach Oolong Keyboards | Black Brown Switches Typing ASMR--By MK V

✿That Peach Oolong keyboard is stunning 😍✿

unboxing + customizing my keeb haul 🌸 ft. Dustsilver mechanical keyboard ⌨️ Gateron Red Switches ✨--By Miido Ch.

✿ I honestly love the pink & purple together for the keyboard .That’s one of my favorite color combos! 

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