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What is RGB Mechanical Keyboard? Why you need it

What is RGB Mechanical Keyboard? Why you need it - dustsilver

RGB LED means red, blue, and green LEDs. RGB LED products combine these three colors to produce over 16 million hues of light. Most RGB mechanical keyboards allow you to choose your favorite color depending on the application.

As for me, RGB is not necessary, but it can make the keyboard experience better. The main feature is RGB mechanical keyboard has RGB backlight. When you press the key, the soft light will appear. It can match your office environment. Most colors RGB can do. If your environment color is purple, you can change the RGB LED color to purple.

For gamers, you can adjust the RGB backlight speed mode. It will bring a better gaming experience to you. Give you an immersive gaming experience.

Also, RGB LED can let you know the keyboard battery status. Press “Fn + Backspace” to check the battery. If only number 1 bright, it means only 10% battery capacity of your keyboard.

What’s the better point?

Normal keyboard only has specific color ( red, blue, green, yellow, solid color, etc ) Difference of normal keyboard. You can choose your favorite color model on your RGB mechanical keyboard. 

Why do you need RGB Mechanical keyboard?

If you use the membrane keyboard for a long time, is time to upgrade your outdated keyboard. Trust me RGB Mechanical keyboard will give you a better experience.

Not only the RGB color but also the mechanical switch. Keys will not influence each other. And help you type fast than normal keyboard.

Most importantly, it will let you easier to find keys in the dark.

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