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Are mechanical keyboards too loud for office

Are mechanical keyboards too loud for office - dustsilver

Not all mechanical keyboards are loud for the office. But if you choose any blue switches keyboard, it’s no doubt that your office environment will be loud. If you really enjoy the click sound, choosing the blue switch is very suitable for you, but you need to consider your "own personal safety" and the acceptance of colleagues, it is important to create a quiet environment in the office. But it is a good switch for playing in your own room. So if you want tactile feedback like the blue switch, but not too loud, you should choose the brown switch. 

How about the quiet switch? In my opinion, the best switch for the office is a linear red switch. It is very quiet and smooth, does not need a big operating force, and can complete a key press. Also, the black switch can be used for office, but the operating force will be bigger.

How make loud sounds disappear?

 A. If you don't change the switch type.

1)Press the keys with a small force.

2)Lube the switch, and make it smooth.

3)Add a sound-absorbing material pad to your keyboard.

B. Change the keyboard switch to a quiet switch

C. Upgrade your keyboard 

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