what is the best budget mechanical keyboard

what is the best budget mechanical keyboard - dustsilver

Nowadays the budget keyboard are getting better.

So let’s consider what the budget keyboard function should have:


Yeah, the hot-swappable is the most important factor when we buy a mechanical keyboard, if the keyboard can’t hot-swappable, it loss the customized happiness. With this function we can choose all the favorite keycap and switch, you can do anything you want to do.

2.3 types mode connection

You can’t believe that the budget keyboard now available for the 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth connections. Yeah, I can’t believe too, but it is true. We can take the keyboard anywhere, don’t need to buy 2 keyboard for the office and house room. It really save our money.

3.sufficient number of keys

If just the low price but the keyboard key doesn’t enough for our use, it is not the real budget keyboard. At least, it should be 60% layout or 75% layout.

Keyboard recommend :

Dustsilver K61

3 modes connection, 60% layout, hot-swappable, you can’t believe that under $55 

Dustsilver K84 White Led version

Wired connection, PBT keycaps, 75% Layout, hot-swappable, wonderful design, it only $79.9

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