New Arrivals / Dustsilver Cyberpunk pro Upgrade K84 Keyboard

In Octomber 2022, we launched K84 series keyboard, Lilac, Milkshake, Grey White&Blue and Robot Taisen (Wired). Now in March 2023, the new k84 keyboard - Cyberpunk pro has launched now.

What’s the difference between New and Old K84 keyboards?

Not much difference, the big difference is the keycap material. The old K84 keyboards used Double-Shot PBT keycap, and the new K84 keyboard(K84 cyberpunk pro) used Five-Sided dye-sublimation coloring PBT keycap. Neither PBT keycaps will not fade to the same degree as regular keyboards and membrane keyboards.

What’s the difference between five-sided dye-sublimated keycaps and double-shot keycaps? 

The main difference between the five-sided dye-sublimated keycaps and Double Shot keycaps lies in their manufacturing process and the resulting keycap design. 

Five-sided dye-sublimated keycaps are made by printing the design onto a transfer paper, which is then applied onto the surface of the keycap using heat and pressure. This process allows for a wide range of colors and detailed designs to be applied to the keycap, and the design is visible on all five sides of the keycap.
Double Shot keycaps, on the other hand, are made by injecting two different colors of plastic into the mold to create a two-layer keycap. The legend (the text or symbol on the keycap) is molded into the top layer, and the bottom layer is a different color, resulting in a keycap with a durable, long-lasting design that will not fade or wear away. The design is only visible on the top of the keycap, and not on the sides or bottom. 

In summary, the five-sided dye-sublimated keycaps offer a wide range of colors and detailed designs visible on all five sides. Double Shot keycaps offer a durable, long-lasting design with two-layer construction, but the design is only visible on the top of the keycap.

See also Cyberpunk Pro k84 keyboard video review - by Eduard Vain




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