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Keyboard for office - dustsilver

The requirement of office mechanical keyboards, it's getting high. But most online stores sale playing games computers at most.

Now, I will introduce some office style keyboards for you.

The first one is RED&WHITE keyboard. This is the greatest sale in Europe. I can’t find out why it sells well, especially in Europe. Maybe the RED&WHITE keyboard looks retro or classical. I am sure you will be satisfied with it when you type. The sound of keyboard is not so loud and in a low voice( Use red switch, black or brown switch)Red&white keyboard will give you the best user experience.

The other office keyboard is Robot Taisen. It is a hot sell in USA. The keyboard is clean as a whole, the style is office. Blue and white color will make you calm down in work.

If you like the typing sound a little loud, I recommend you buy it with blue switch. With the sound of pressing down the keyboard, it will increase your passion for work. You will get higher of work. And little loud does not make you feel sleepy, keep the work efficiency.

Both of these keyboards all support the Mac OS system and windows.

If you want to use the keyboard on an iPad or Android device, please take our keyboard home now! It is all support.


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