How to fix unresponsive key on mechanical keyboard

Before fixing the mechanical keyboard, you should know what issues with your mechanical keyboard. If the mechanical keyboard doesn’t work at all. You should understand that maybe have some problems with the connection or driver problems.

But if just one key doesn’t work, generally, it is a problem with a particular switch. Then try to solve it now.

First: Unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.

All the mechanical keyboards are hot-swapped. You can Unplug the key and then plug it back in. And in most situations, this is the best way to deal with the problem. It will take a little time, easy to complete. 

Second: Clean the keyboard

Maybe you think it will not solve the problem, but sometimes debris in the keyboard will cause poor key contact. So regular cleaning your keyboard is an easy way to avoid the problem. 

Third: check the cable connect with the keyboard to the computer

If the connect not tight and good, it will make some keys can’t work as usual.

Fourth: You can try to replace the switch.

Maybe there is some broken with the switch cause the key don’t work. Then exchanging a new switch can solve the problems.


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