How to connect Bluetooth to Dustsilver mechanical keyboard

How to connect Bluetooth to Dustsilver mechanical keyboard - dustsilver

Bluetooth is a no-wired connection, that makes the desktop clean. So let’s learn how to connect the Bluetooth on Dustsilver Keyboard.


Check your device if support Bluetooth, if not, the keyboard will not connect with your device. 


Turn on the keyboard, and Press Fn + 1/2/3 to Bluetooth mode. Turn on your device Bluetooth, then press Fn + 1/2/3 for more than 3 seconds, check the keyboard if connect okay.


If the connect wrong, press Fn + Esc for more than 3 seconds to restore the factory setting. Then remove your keyboard from the list if it has been added before.


(After the third) turn the Bluetooth connection on your computer/keyboard off then back on, broadcast the device info from your keyboard, and complete the rest of the pairing process on your computer.

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