How to clean the mechanical keyboard

Over time, and after frequent use, dust and grime will accumulate under the keys and make them stick when pressing down on them, and this, of course, can slow down performance. Instead, a regularly well maintained mechanical keyboard will enable top performance!

Use alcohol wipes

Mechanical keyboards will accumulate dust around their keycaps over time, clean them with an alcohol wipe. Alcohol is volatile, dries quickly after wiping and is non-conductive. Also, it won't damage the keyboard as it leaves no residue.

Use hair dryer

Directly turn on the hair dryer and let it blow on the keyboard for a few minutes, the dust and residue inside will be blown out by the wind. But must turn on the cold blowing mode, otherwise the keys can be heated, leading to key deformation. 

Use the brush 

It will keep your keyboard surface clean, but the effect is not good as using hair dryer. 

Finally, the best way to clean a mechanical keyboard is with a microfiber cloth and some gentle cleaning liquid. An air gun or vacuum cleaner is effective at removing crumbs and dust from keyboards. Keys can be removed with a keycap puller tool and then cleaned individually with soapy water.

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