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Choose the right keyboard - dustsilver

If you spend a lot of time on Mac and iPad or Android devices, you should make sure to buy a mechanical keyboard that can support Mac os and Android systems. Otherwise, your money will waste. 

If you want a keyboard with Numpad you should buy a full size keyboard, but if you accept TKL keyboard, you can choose the 75% mechanical keyboard. The 75% keyboard has basic full size keyboard function, and doesn’t need big space on the desk. The keyboard is compact.

Most people like cute and beautiful keyboards, I will recommend the blue pink milkshake keyboard for you. If you like e-sports or you are a game player, I recommend you buy a cyberpunk series keyboard, purple and blue color full of gaming style. The Red&White mechanical keyboard is very popular in Europe customers, Red&White keyboard is a little retro and classical. If you are in America or Canada, I recommend you ROBOT TAISEN keyboard, most north American people buy this keyboard from us, they are satisfied with it.

75% keyboards are 3 connected ways, wired, wireless, and Bluetooth. It’s very convenient for everyone. You can use them at home, subway, everywhere. And our mechanical keyboards support Mac and iPad or Android devices, you can connect our keyboard for every device. 

If you are ready to buy a 75% keyboard, please have a look.


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