BLUSH HEART -D66 New Product

BLUSH HEART -D66  New Product

New color design
D66 wireless keyboard provides new color design - Blush heart.

The D66 Keyboard is a 66-key keyboard with an ANSI layout and three connection modes - Wired, Bluetooth wireless, and 2.4G wireless - making it incredibly versatile and suitable for any device. The D66 keyboard is equipped with a hot-swap solution that allows for easy customization of the switches to suit your typing preferences ( D66 keyboard suitable Gateron Switch, Cherry MX switch, Kaith switch, and more ).


Two colors, one price.

The Blush heart introduces a new form of keycaps that you can DIY by yourself. No matter which color you like and what effect you want to achieve, you can use your own hands to complete it. And, the green color keycaps are FREE!

The Blush heart also helps you prepare a sweet and special gift !!
It has a subtle design with unique love heart  keycaps, and red and green colors are available for double couple models.


Wired USB is the default on most mechanical keyboards. But if you often need to carry the keyboard for travel or business trips, a keyboard that supports Bluetooth connection should be your first choice, which will make your journey more convenient.

Gateron G pro Red Switch
Mechanical keyboards provide good hand feeling mainly because of its core component . The red switch mechanical keyboard has low typing sound and quick rebound. It feels like pressing a spring. Red Switch keyboard can fulfill both gaming and typing needs.

Multi-Function Knob easier
The multi-function knob enables you to adjust the volume and keyboard backlight brightness with ease. Volume +/ -, and backlit brightness +/ - don’t need combination key now.

RGB Backlit makes your typing world more beautiful
16.8 million color RGB lighting effects, with over 21 different color effects to choose from, making it ideal for customization and personalization.

Never faded PBT keycaps
The D66 Keyboard features PBT keycaps that are dye-sublimated with MDA profile, ensuring their longevity. The keycaps are crafted from high-quality material and have a five-sided dye coloring process that ensures they look great and feel amazing to type on.


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