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Are all mechanical keyboards loud

Are all mechanical keyboards loud - dustsilver

If the mechanical keyboard compares with the membrane keyboard, it is true that mechanical keyboard is louder than membrane keyboard. But overall, use mechanical keyboards will not disrupt your colleagues in the office. But if somebody presses the keyboard under strong pressure, it will make be noisy. If you are a person who presses keys with high pressure, I advise you to buy a keyboard with a baffle or use the membrane keyboard.

And the major factor that impacts the mechanical keyboard loud is the keyboard switch. Usually, there are 4 switches. Blue, Red, Brown, Black. The blue switch is the loudest. If you like the “click” sound when you press down the keyboard keys, it is good for you and is most suitable for music games.

You can choose the red or brown switch if you want your mechanical keyboard to be quiet. They are good switches for keeping a quiet environment. When you use them, you will feel quiet and smooth.

The black switch is in between, not too loud or quiet. Many people buy black switch keyboards for MMO and action games.

If you know which switch you want, please take a look.

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