What make the keyboard typing sound good

What make the keyboard typing sound good - dustsilver

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there's more to consider than just the tactile feel and responsiveness. For enthusiasts who appreciate the sensory experience of typing, the sound produced by the keyboard is equally important. The satisfying click-clack of each keystroke can elevate the typing experience to new heights. But what exactly makes keyboard typing sound good? 

Switch Type:

The switch type plays a crucial role in determining the sound produced by a mechanical keyboard. Different switch types, such as Gateron Blue, Brown, or Red, have distinct characteristics that influence the typing sound. For those who prefer a pronounced and crisp sound, switches with a tactile bump, like the Gateron Blue, are a popular choice. On the other hand, if you seek a quieter typing experience, you might lean towards switches with reduced audible feedback, such as the Gateron Red. Consider your personal preference for sound and tactile feedback when selecting the switch type. 

Keycap Material:

Believe it or not, the material used for the keycaps can significantly impact the typing sound. Keycaps made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) tend to produce a higher-pitched and slightly hollower sound, whereas keycaps crafted from PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) offer a deeper and more satisfying thud. PBT keycaps are generally known for their durability and ability to preserve the typing sound quality over time. Therefore, if sound is a priority, opting for a keyboard with PBT keycaps might be the way to go.

Keyboard Build and Construction:

The construction of the keyboard itself can influence the overall sound profile. A sturdy metal or rigid plastic case tends to produce a more resonant and satisfying typing sound compared to a flimsy or lightweight chassis. The internal design and dampening materials used inside the keyboard can also impact sound. Some keyboards feature foam layers or rubberized coatings that help dampen vibrations and reduce reverberation, resulting in a cleaner and more focused typing sound.

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