D66 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - New layout new design new color

D66 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - New layout new design new color - dustsilver

More compact, more color match, more cute keyboard is launched now - D66 Wireless Keyboard. 

The D66 Keyboard is a 66-key keyboard with an ANSI layout and three connection modes - Wired, Bluetooth wireless, and 2.4G wireless - making it incredibly versatile and suitable for any device. The D66 keyboard is equipped with a hot-swap solution that allows for easy customization of the switches to suit your typing preferences ( D66 keyboard suitable Gateron Switch, Cherry MX switch, Kaith switch, and more ).

More compact saves space

65% layout is more compact than 75% layout, more comfortable in office or gaming. Save more space for other use, and make your space more concise and more efficient. 

Small but powerful

With a battery capacity of 3000mA, the D66 Keyboard lasts for an extended period without requiring a recharge. The keyboard has a compact size of 323mm* 117mm* 37mm and weighs about 1kg. 

New color design

D66 wireless keyboard provides 2 color design - Peach Oolong, and Rainbow Sprinkles.

Peach Oolong continues the kawaii color, the main color is pink and dotted with embellished green and yellow. The color combination looks comfortable and can decorate your desk setup very much.

Rainbow Sprinkles use a white shell, and each key character uses different color, no longer a regular one or two-color combination. With a white keyboard, it is an excellent keyboard to upgrade your desk setup. 

Multi-Function Knob easier

The multi-function knob enables you to adjust the volume and keyboard backlight brightness with ease. Volume +/ -, and backlit brightness +/ - don’t need combination key now. 

RGB Backlit makes your typing world more beautiful

16.8 million color RGB lighting effects, with over 21 different color effects to choose from, making it ideal for customization and personalization. 

Never faded PBT keycaps

The D66 Keyboard features PBT keycaps that are dye-sublimated with MDA profile, ensuring their longevity. The keycaps are crafted from high-quality material and have a five-sided dye coloring process that ensures they look great and feel amazing to type on. 

Quieter typing experience

The D66 Keyboard comes with a non-slip mat made of silicone that keeps it firmly in place while in use. Its sound reduction configuration includes a silicone sandwich pad between the positioning board and the circuit board, as well as bottom pearl cotton, to reduce noise while typing. Make your typing comfortable and give you a quiet environment.

Don’t hesitate, go to buy D66 wireless keyboard now.

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