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Dustsilver's electronic products and packaging can be recycled and biodegraded, maximizing the recycling of electronic waste. We have obtained environmental certification. Let e-waste have more different possibilities for recycling, all with just a little effort from you. You can do your part by sending idle Dustsilver's products to your local recycling agency.


Each Dustsilver's product is marked with a recycling label to remind and simplify the definition of recycling.

Local recycling partner companies and e-waste collection centers can help you recycle your products.

Click here to view partners that can recycle/degrade

Environmental Action · World Earth Day

Every year on April 22nd ( World Earth Day), 

we will provide door-to-door recycling and green environmental protection services to users who have purchased Dustsilver keyboards, 

and call on every resident of the earth to contribute to safeguarding and improving the Earth's environment.

Every action changes the world.