Dustsilver K84 Blue Pink Milkshake 75 Percent Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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Switches: Gateron Red Switch
Connecivity & Backlit: Wired

“Design language”

A refreshing milkshake-like blend of vibrant green mango, rosy peach,
and creamy white yogurt exuding the coolness and dopamine of a summer's day
Entering the blissful world of midsummer dreams

Functional attribute

Ten Features of the product to meet all the functions you need

84 keys,The full F-zone and arrow keys are kept,
situated between micro-simplification and control,And the lightness of free placement.
Bring more space and ornament for desktop



Super DIY

Original slide rail, free slide pleasantly

More delicate shape, and more carefree DIY,
You can purchase slide rails and card slots in different colors to freely match and present different shapes.



Three-way outlet

The shape of the back of the keyboard

Simple and functional
Scientific differentiation, separation of keys and lines.



Single mode connection

Coexistence of two systems

Type-c wired,Seamlessly compatible Windows/Mac OS.




Double Shot PBT Keycaps

Saturated color, Wear-resistant and not greasy, good touch of frosted,
With PBT Materials,it combines durability with a seamless typing experience



Freely shaft changing

To realize keystroke customization and create without limits,
Every detail matters for a personalized typing experience, You can customize your own typing experience in seconds.



Gateron Red Switch

Lower rebound sound and stronger stability,Fingers fluttering on keys with precise motion curves,
Exceptional sensitivity and performance,Enjoy each click.




Operate on experience

Two forms of height

One section of supporting leg with 3 slopes, makes your wrist flexibility, Wrapped rubber pad and silicone anti-slip pad, no friction with desktop.

Personalized programming

lets you effortlessly configure. Take advantage of powerful macro functions for a personalized performance.



RGB Backlit/White Backlit

16.8 million colors and colorful dynamics

Smooth gradients You can further fine-tune the RGB hue, saturation, brightness, effect speed.
Emphasized the color with reflet,Let it in the quiet more beautiful and romantic.




Superior Typing with Top-Mount Structure

TOP-Mount plate provides a consistent typing feel and airy acoustics,
Sound dampening duo,dampening eliminate internal echoes,noise cancellation design.


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