How to decorate your computer room desk

If you are a cyberpunk devoted fan, and you want to make your computer room desk more beautiful, please continue to read it.

You can buy cyberpunk series mechanical keyboard, a cyberpunk table mat, and a wrist rest. It will pay less than $200 but will improve your play and study experience a lot. Makes your desk clear, not messy. 

Using wrist rest will help your hand not tired after a long time of working. Wrist rest is ergonomic to reduce hand ailments. The table mat and wrist rest are made of memory foam and environmental protection material, reducing the damage to the environment and giving best user experience. 

The cyberpunk mechanical keyboard uses PBT keycaps that will not fade as the membrane keyboard. What’s more, we use high-quality switches, you can choose your favorite switch of brown, blue, black, red. 

The keyboard connected ways are wired, wireless, and Bluetooth. And suitable for Mac os system and windows systems. Everybody can use it. 

If you want to buy cyberpunk series product, please take a look. When you receive them, you will know more keyboard fun modes.

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